About Turnkey Interior Styling

Our ethos is to transform an entire living space without the need for permanent renovation.

Our style, whilst essentially English takes inspiration from many cultures – be it classical French, contemporary Scandi, Italian luxe or the variety of textures, styles and colour from India and Morocco. We combine contemporary elements with antiques, textile fragments, wallpapers, and collectables. We have an impeccable eye for detail. Think of opening Pandora’s box, or indeed, Darwin’s cabinet of curiosities and in turn opening yourself to a world of new possibilities, colour and texture, through the inspirational room settings and the most intimate of details we will create.
Our company focuses on styling rather than complete renovation, and as such is just right for these changing economic times. We are all about thrift and imagination and celebrate the individual and the personal rather than the wholesale adoption of a ‘look’.

Our philosophy is an organic and sustainable one, encouraging recycling and creative re-use as well as sourcing and purchasing new furniture and accessories. Adding value to your property is our mantra.